6.MH living is a convenience way of life. No difficult hammering or sawing is involved , just knock the wheels off and tie it down. Like many MH owners, this family enjoys having their appliances on the front porch to "show off" to the neighbors. They have enhanced their glamorous lifestyle by adding a clothes line across the front porch for convenient close access to the washing machine located behind the sitting area.

7.This environmentally-conscious MH owner has two color-coded barrels beside the road… is one for paper and one for plastic? Note the highest tech 18-inch satellite dish mounted atop the telephone pole beside the MH.

8.Moving Day! Ask your friends to help you move... by putting the wheels back onto your house!!

9.I just think this is interesting looking. The truck and it's trailer containing a Bobcat is almost as big as the MH.

10.How do you make a camper a home? Build a roof over it! It isn't a MH, it is a CAMPER! This is actually very pretty, well built and maintained, and the yard was manicured. It even has a welcoming porch built over the entrance.

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