15.This is a working trailer. It is the office for a used car lot on an abandoned road in east central Alabama. I felt bad for the salesman... when he saw us drive up to take the photo, he came out thinking we might be customers. Not much traffic on that road!

16.Another working trailer. If this is a "window factory", does that mean they make all the windows in this one trailer? There were no surrounding buildings or trailers or anything factory-like. The new vinyl windows on this old trailer look very nice!

17.We saw this on vacation in Washington, DC, and couldn't pass up the photo op! Bill has been living there 8 years, and a trailer park has sprouted around the Capital!

18.This is magnificent trailer modification. Seamlessly adding one addition to another, and everything painted with matching green pastel institutional paint.

19. If ever there was a need for pastel green institutional trailer paint, this is it. Is it rust or is it dirt?

20. Another trailer with add-ons. I'm guessing the building at the end of the built-on rooms is a workshop. Or guest house? Laundry room? Kid's play house? It looks like you can reach it from the main trailer through a tunnel-like series of add-ons.

21. Here's more of that green paint! It reminds me of my 3rd Grade classroom walls.

22. An overhanging roof makes a covered porch! No more wet feet running from the pickup to the trailer in rainy weather!