1.This is a great example of creative use of plywood. This MH has a porch with an extended roof over it that connects to the garage. The roof not only protects the owner from rain, but it also protects the giant industrial sized container of propane. They will never have to worry about freezing to death during our torturous 2-week winters in Alabama!

2.This is not the county dump! People really do live here. Note how they have attempted landscaping by jamming loops of pipes into the ground around the MH and hung a wind chime from a stick off the end of the MH. I don't know what was in the wooden palisade in the middle of the yard, but that must be where they keep the really valuable trash. The back yard is paved, which saves on time consuming mowing!

3.You can tell a man's status by how many trailers and beat-up vehicles he has in his yard. This man is rich by those standards! Note how the old bread truck has been painted blue and converted into a trailer! The tractor in the front yard, doghouse beside the mailbox, and pink tool shed set a mood of refinement for all who pass by.

4.Tornados also wreak havoc on enormous satellite dishes! This family decided to quit mounting their dish after every storm and instead tied it to the ground. 67 Channels, and nothing but "Green Acres"! Can you spot: 1) trampoline, 2) tool shed bigger than the MH itself, 3) well with roof built over it, 4) small toolshed, 5) room addition built onto the MH.

5.Remember what I told you about alternate uses for MH? This is the Greenpond Library! They have a book to lend, if anyone could read it. Like any good municipal building, they patriotically hang out the flag for all to be inspired by. On this particular day, it was rainy, muddy, and the flag was really needing a cycle through someone's washing machine! Behind the library, there is a playground with swings, slides, mud, and rattlesnakes for all the kiddies to enjoy.

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