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Alabama is famous for only three things: football, creative trailer maintenance, and “Tornado Alley”. Alabamians use mobile homes (MH) for many purposes other than just for residence, such as extra school classrooms, places for construction workers to nap while at work, or one may simply knock out all the windows and abandon it in a wooded area for an excellent rattlesnake breeding area. I like to think that the violent weather helps with the artistic presentation of some of the following mobile homes. An entire industry has developed for the science of “tying down your trailer during a tornado”. It is the advice of this webmaster that you place no trust in tie-down gadgets, but instead go to visit your neighbor with a real house before the storm gets to you! I lived in a third-hand 35 year old MH for six years. No photos exist of this magnificent masterpiece of residential art, I’m sad to say. Here are plenty more examples of traditional Alabama folk MH artistry. Enjoy!!



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